Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Day of the Season!

Winter has come early once again, and the ski resorts have opened around here. It's just something about being out on the snow that brings a new kind of energy. 

Went out to Mt. Holly to get warmed up and get my legs back. Had a blast. Lapped the park and just getting the feel of it. Hiked it a few times. Tried for backside 180 on and, after some falls, I finally banged it out with a pretzel 180 out. It felt good, and I'm just pumped that I got that down on my first day back. I'm going have to get that on video when I have the chance.

The local ABC news channel came out, and I got to have my face in the frame for a couple of seconds. Peep my face with a shit-eating grin at the 43 seconds mark on the video:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Contestants Annoucements!

Now is the time to announce who our Chili Cook-Off contestants will be, and they are (drumroll)....

Stefanie Smolinski!
Dianne Kinnee!
Judy Vardon!
Joanne Forbes!
Kelly Laatsch!

Because YOU ALL will be the judge, please do not ask them to tell you what they are going to make or which chili is theirs. That information will be private until everyone has put in their votes.

Once the vote has been counted, the winners will be announced! We will have prizes for the first and second place winners.

Good luck to the contestants!!

Don't forget to join the Event page on Facebook: Chili Cook-Off

List of Donations

This is a near-complete list of all the places that have made their donations towards the silent auction and raffles. These places are awesome! If you click on the names, it'll take you to their website!


My Mom, Peggy Gelaude, and my Aunt Anne MacShane for putting together and donating the gift baskets.

Bonnie Jo Gemmill for donating her quilt runner.

VG's Grocery for donating some food for the fundraiser event.

Heba Schwebke and her family for donating the paper wares and plastic wares. 

You guys are awesome. If any more donations are made, I will give you a shout out! 

And now... peep this video for another preview of the items that will be up for grabs at the silent auction! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fundraiser Donation Update!

More exciting donations from the following places:

Barnes and Nobles
The Laundry/Crust
Shark Club


Mt. Holly!! 
They donated two lift tickets and two ski rentals!!

Stayed tuned for more donations update and don't forget to tell your friends!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chili Cook Off - Vlog Update:

Still accepting Chili Cook-Off Contestants!