Thursday, December 11, 2014


SO I've been pretty quiet since the fundraiser. Thanksgiving holidays were coming up. Went to the Seven Springs for their opening weekend with my family from Maryland.
My sister Bri needed a helmet. You like? ;) 

Don't worry. We found a better helmet for her.

Hello from Mt. Holly
Came back and heard about Mt. Holly having a snowboard clinics  the following weekend for those who want to become an instructor. I signed up and after last weekend, I'm now a snowboard instructor at Holly!
The holidays are coming up, and I'll have the chance to hit two birds with one stone... to ride during more during the break and to instruct those who wanna learn how to ride.

I'm also scheming for the next fundraiser event since I'm half-way from my goal. Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

USA Team

You guys have been asking who's on the snowboard team. Here's the list that we know of so far! 

US Snowboard Team Leader  - Kyle Emard

US Freestyle Coach - Darrick De La O

US Alpine Coach - Jeff Pollock (as racer/coach)

US Deaf Alpine Snowboard Team:

1. Jeff Pollock 
2. Nixo Lanning
3. Lauren Benedict

US Deaf Freestyle Snowboard Team:

1. Sean Esson
2. Blair Esson
3. Lauren Weibert
4. Jenny Berrigan 

Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Donate

Here are different ways you can donate:

  1. Give the money directly to me, and I'll send it in
  2. Donate online: (Keep in mind that the site does keep the 5% of the donation)
  3. Mail a check:
    • Payable to USADSF
    • PO BOX 910338
    • Lexington, KY 40591-0338 - 
    • write my name "Jennifer Berrigan" in the memo. 
    • Take a picture of the check and e-mail it to me so I can keep track of it

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fundraiser Update

Thanks everyone for coming out and showing me the love. The event has raised a grand total of $1,227 including donations from those who couldn't come.

The winners for the Chili Cook-Off:
1st place: Judy Vardon
2nd place: Stefanie Smolinski
3rd place: Rosina Switras

Honorary Mentions:
Dianne Kinnee
Kelly Laatsch

Thanks again to all those places and people that donated towards the event that made it a success! Before I share some photos, I want to give them all a shout out:

My Mom, Aunt Anne, Aunt Kathy, Bonnie Jo Gemmill (You are awesome! Thank you!), Heba Schwebke and family, JoJo and Sean Forbes (For the yummy Starbucks coffee and the awesome shirt!), Megan Kish, VG's Grocery (for the hot dogs and stuff), the Chili Cook-Off contestants that brought their chili and fed the hungry masses, Ashley Barbour and Katie Mattina for helping with the tickets, FAD members for being helpful with the space rental, and finally the following places that donated towards the silent auction/raffles: 

And now, here are some of the pictures from the event. Thanks to Yuliette for taking some pictures while I was running around!
Kicking off the fundraiser !

The Chili Cook-Off line up! 

Drawing of the raffle prizes!
Drawing of the raffles! 

The people who came and helped make the fundraiser a success! 

Announcement of the Chili Cook-Off contestants and the winners!
(L to R: Rosina Switras, Judy Vardon, Dianne Kinnee, Stefanie Smolinski, Kelly Laatsch)
For those who want to donate, you can donate online:

Thanks for all the love! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Day of the Season!

Winter has come early once again, and the ski resorts have opened around here. It's just something about being out on the snow that brings a new kind of energy. 

Went out to Mt. Holly to get warmed up and get my legs back. Had a blast. Lapped the park and just getting the feel of it. Hiked it a few times. Tried for backside 180 on and, after some falls, I finally banged it out with a pretzel 180 out. It felt good, and I'm just pumped that I got that down on my first day back. I'm going have to get that on video when I have the chance.

The local ABC news channel came out, and I got to have my face in the frame for a couple of seconds. Peep my face with a shit-eating grin at the 43 seconds mark on the video: