Thursday, December 11, 2014


SO I've been pretty quiet since the fundraiser. Thanksgiving holidays were coming up. Went to the Seven Springs for their opening weekend with my family from Maryland.
My sister Bri needed a helmet. You like? ;) 

Don't worry. We found a better helmet for her.

Hello from Mt. Holly
Came back and heard about Mt. Holly having a snowboard clinics  the following weekend for those who want to become an instructor. I signed up and after last weekend, I'm now a snowboard instructor at Holly!
The holidays are coming up, and I'll have the chance to hit two birds with one stone... to ride during more during the break and to instruct those who wanna learn how to ride.

I'm also scheming for the next fundraiser event since I'm half-way from my goal. Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

USA Team

You guys have been asking who's on the snowboard team. Here's the list that we know of so far! 

US Snowboard Team Leader  - Kyle Emard

US Freestyle Coach - Darrick De La O

US Alpine Coach - Jeff Pollock (as racer/coach)

US Deaf Alpine Snowboard Team:

1. Jeff Pollock 
2. Nixo Lanning
3. Lauren Benedict

US Deaf Freestyle Snowboard Team:

1. Sean Esson
2. Blair Esson
3. Lauren Weibert
4. Jenny Berrigan