Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Day of the Season!

Winter has come early once again, and the ski resorts have opened around here. It's just something about being out on the snow that brings a new kind of energy. 

Went out to Mt. Holly to get warmed up and get my legs back. Had a blast. Lapped the park and just getting the feel of it. Hiked it a few times. Tried for backside 180 on and, after some falls, I finally banged it out with a pretzel 180 out. It felt good, and I'm just pumped that I got that down on my first day back. I'm going have to get that on video when I have the chance.

The local ABC news channel came out, and I got to have my face in the frame for a couple of seconds. Peep my face with a shit-eating grin at the 43 seconds mark on the video:

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