Monday, February 2, 2015


Hello all - I've been quiet on the front, I know. Winter semester kicked in after the holidays, and I've been focused on picking up work to foot the bills. I'm also now a snowboard instructor at Mt. Holly, so I've been going to their clinics and getting my training done. 

I've been waiting to get updates on the Deaflympics and finally got my answers over the past weekend! 

Here's the information I've gotten thus far:

Deaflympics Schedule:

Flight Schedule:

We will be flying out from JFK on March 23 around 4pm to Moscow.  Jack is working with the Russian Federation to fly from Moscow to Khanty-Mansiysk.  We will return on April 6 around 4pm

Fundraiser Goal:

I'm still halfway from my fundraiser goal of $5,000. The deadline is Feb 20th or I can't go! Please help me spread the word! I'm still working on adding more fundraiser events. Ain't easy! 

I appreciate your ongoing support! World goes 'round because of people like YOU. <3


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