Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bowling Fundraiser Update

The fundraiser came and went today, and all the hard work has definitely paid off.  It was definitely not easy doing it by myself, so it really helped to have some friends, family and PowerVRS to help mentor me along the way for this fundraiser. It warmed my heart to a melting point to see the people I care about show up and show their support. Definitely means a lot to me! You guys are awesome!

We had a lot of awesome stuff going on today; 50/50 raffles, silent auction with sick items up for grabs and drawings of gift certificates and Burton items. I love seeing people win stuff and just get stoked on it. Seeing their faces light up and stuff. I love it.

From this event, we were able to raise $1,726 dollars!

Awesome!! I'm really excited! I'm so close to my fundraising goal of $3,500!

Now, I'm scheming for a fundraiser on a much more mellow and smaller scale to help me reach the mark for good. Maybe a little fiesta of some sort? Hmmm.

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