Sunday, January 16, 2011

Krahooligan Cash Cow Part 1

Today was practice day followed by two time trials. Thankfully we had a couple of hours to practice, and the people who worked on the course had to fix up some parts of the course when they saw how dangerous it could be. The course is a bit sketchy in some spots and super fast. As for the competitors there are 10 girls and 40-ish guys. Shaun Palmer made an appearance and competed, but he didn't win the fastest time. In the time trials, I think I placed 6th or 7th. Not sure. The step-ups right off the starting gate were super technical! I failed to get over it a few times, but afterwards it didn't become too much of a problem. I still need to figure out how to seriously clear it like several other people could so it doesn't slow me down. Tomorrow, there'll be some more practice and then the finals. Not gunna lie, I'm nervous about it! Wish me luck!

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